Swarna Bhasm


It improves memory if taken along with the sweet flag.

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Swarna Bhasm:



  • Purified Gold


  • It relieves a burning sensation if taken along with the bile of fish.
  • It improves strength and immunity if taken along with milk.
  • It is good for the eyes if taken along with Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa)
  • It improves memory if taken along with the sweet flag
  • It improves skin complexion if given along with saffron.
  • It acts against poison if given along with an herb called Nirvisha.
  • It relieves psychosis if given along with ginger, clove, and pepper.


  • 15 – 30 mg per day.
  • The pediatric dose – From infancy to 5 years old is 5 mg per day.
  • From 5 – 10 years – 10 mg per day
  • From 10 – 16 years – 15 mg per day.
  • As directed by the physician
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1 gm, 100 mg, 500 mg


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Swarna BhasmSwarna Bhasm
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