About us

Today, Vijaygarh (U.P.), India’s leading ayurvedic pharmacy Pranacharya has a full-fledged manufacturing section. According to the ancient texts’ descriptions of Ayurveda, this section creates more than 500 traditional products and roughly 100 patented ones.

The standards of the raw materials utilised, various manufacturing processes, and finished goods are guaranteed by the quality control and Research and Development department. With a marketing division located in Vijaygarh (U.P. ), branches located throughout UP and bordering States, 400 agents, and stockists, the institution has a substantial marketing network.

With the use of our PRANACHARYA AROGYAM CLINIC, which has locations in Vijaygarh, Hathras, and Ghaziabad, we are treating conditions like skin diseases, arthritis, stress, migraine, diabetes, high blood pressure, digestive issues, obesity and sexual disorders, tuberculosis, among others (UP).