Company Profile

The Ayurveda way of life was conceptualised, founded as an institution, and inspired the foundation of Pranacharya by the late Vaidya Sri Bankelal ji Gupt. He had a keen interest in the methods used in the Ayurvedic medical science. He practised, studied, and worked steadily until he had perfected the art of Ayurvedic medicine. Accurate diagnosis and treatment using high-quality Ayurveda medications that he himself developed were the key goals of his care. He established a solid reputation and gained respect due to his prosperous practise. For his selfless dedication, he received the highest ayurvedic distinction, the Pranacharya. He established the Pranacharya Bhawan Ayurveda Sansthan, an ayurvedic clinic and pharmacy, in 1946. His son, Late Vaidya Sri Krishan Gopal ji, received his knowledge and abilities from him.

With the blessings of his loved and respected father Late Vaidya Sri Krishan Gopal ji started his practises. Up to his father’s passing, he received his father’s active direction and support. He was awarded a BAMS degree (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery). By creating the first-ever Ayurvedic capsule and injection to combine modern medical science and Ayurveda, he rose to prominence in the area of medicine. He received commendation from “Vijaygarh Wale Vaidyaji” for his selfless work.

Vaidya Swadesh Kumar Agarwal, a B.A.M.S. graduate of Kanpur University, serves as the organization’s managing partner and principal physician. Under the guidance of his eminent father, Late Vaidya Sri Krishan Gopal ji, he earned the sound knowledge of Ayurveda & Medical Science. After the latter’s death of his father, he took up the reins of the institution and led it to new heights.

Neeraj Agarwal and Pankaj Agarwal will continue his father’s legacy, Late Vaidya Sri Krishan Gopal ji, by bringing Pranacharya to new heights of achievement. Prancharya Bhawan Ayurveda Sansthan is the first GMP-certified ayurvedic pharmacy today only because of their efforts.

Shashank Agarawal, a representative of the following generation and the son of Vaidya Swadesh Kumar Agarwal, began his profession after receiving his B.A.M.S. at DYP Pune.

The 68 years since 1946 have resulted in notable developments in the Ayurveda system’s therapies and practises. The revered medical practises of the founders are preserved and improved upon by the successors at Pranacharya with the help of god Dhanvantari.