Shwas Chintamani Ras(with gold)


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Key Ingredients:

  • Shuddha gandhaka or purified and processed sulphur
  • Mukta bhasma or calx of pearl
  • Swarna bhasma or calx of gold
  • Abhraka bhasma or calx of mica
  • Makshika bhasma or calx of copper and iron pyrite
  • Shuddha parada or purified and processed mercury
  • Loha bhasma or calx of iron

Key Benefits:

  • Effective in treating cold
  • Helpful in treating bronchitis
  • Helps in curing cough
  • Cures asthma and many other respiratory diseases
Available in

10 Tablets, 30 Tablets, 60 Tablets


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Shwas Chintamani Ras(with gold)
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