Chandraprabha Vati


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Key Ingredients:
Kapoor kachri, bach, nagarmotha, chiraita, giloy, devdaru, haldi, daruharidra, dhaniya, haritaki, baheda, amalaki, atis, pippalmul, chitrakmul, chavya, vaividang, bari pippal, chhoti pippal, saunth, kali marich, swarnakshik bhasma, sajjikhar, yavakshar, sendha namak, sanchar namak, samudra namak, chhoti elaichi, kabab chini, gokhru, safed chandan, nisodh, dantimul, tejpata, dalchini, bari elaichi, banshlochan, lauha bhasma, sudh shilajit, sudh guggulu, excipients, gum accacia, talcum

Key Benefits:

  • It helps both male and female in reproductive system related problems
  • Helpful in removing harmful AMA (i.e., toxins) like urea, creatinine and uric acid from the body
  • Helps in urinary tract infections and related troubles
  • Helpful in weakness, pain in legs, back and neck, anaemia and vertigo
  • Helps in healthy functioning of the kidney by maintaining the healthy uric acid level in the kidneys
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60 Tablets


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Chandraprabha Vati