Vaidyaji's profile

Vaidya Swadesh Kumar Agarwal is the chief physician and Managing Partner of the Pranacharya at present, holds the degree of B.A.M.S. from the Kanpur University. Under the guidance of his eminent father, Late Vaidya Sri Krishan Gopal ji, he earned the sound knowledge of Ayurveda & Medical Science. After the latter’s death of his father, he took up the reins of the institution and led it to new heights.


Following the tradition of his father, Late Vaidya Sri Krishan Gopal ji, Neeraj Agarwal & Pankaj Agarwal are also going to bring Pranacharya at new height of success. Due to these efforts only, today Prancharya Bhawan Ayurvedic Sansthan is first GMP certified ayurvedic pharmacy.

In the next generation, Shashank Agarawal, son of Vaidya Swadesh Kumar Agarwal has started the practice, after holding the degree of B.A.M.S. from DYP Pune.

68 years that have elapsed since 1946 have ensured notable changes in the treatment and techniques of the Ayurvedic system. Here at Pranacharya the noble traditions of treatment followed by the founders are kept alive and enriched by the successors with the blessings of god Dhanvantari.