Shwet Kustha har Set

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This set was invented by Vaid Shri Bankelal Ji Gupt 50 years back.these medicines treat LEUCODERMA

and bring back natural skin colour.along with this these medicines purifies blood and provide permanent

tratment from leucoderma.


Swet Kushtha Har Set contains four types of medicines-

1-Swet Kushtha Har Syurp-


  • kale til
  • banafsa
  • haldi
  • bavachi
  • vayvidang
  • manjeeth
  • pittpapda
  • jada
  • indrayan
  • nishoth


Take 2-2 tsf syrup morning and evening 30 minutes before luch and dinner.

2-Swet Kushtha Har Vati-


  • chokkashtha
  • shudh gandhak
  • pamarbeej
  • karanj beej
  • kooth
  • kalaunji
  • bavachi
  • chitrak
  • tutth bhasm
  • parad


Take 1 tab and mix it with Gomutra in powder form then apply it on effective part twice a day.

Wash it with Gomutra and clean it with plain cloth after one hour.

You may use fresh water instead of Gomutra.

3-Swet Kushth Har Oil-


  • kale til
  • banafsa
  • haldi
  • bavchi
  • neem patra
  • ber patra
  • kanner patra
  • til tel


Apply this oil on effective part wit the use of cotton twice a day.

4-Swet Kushth Har Capsule-


  • banafsa ghansatwa
  • haldi ghansatwa
  • bavchi gahansatwa
  • vayvidang ghansatwa
  • indrayan ghansatwa
  • pitt papda ghansatwa
  • shudh gandhak


Take 1-1 capsule morning and evening after lunch and dinner with warm water.